10 Makeup Products for Women who Know Nothing about Makeup

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With the world of beauty expanding by multitudes, beauty products are making more and more space in our lives, care regimes and hearts! But there are many women who are still not wooed by the flares of the perfection of makeup. It doesn’t mean they don’t like looking presentable, just that the thought of applying layers of products on skin makes them uncomfortable. If you are one such woman and want to know how you can look uber chic without using stacks of product, you are at the right place. Today I bring you a list of 10 most essential makeup products for women who know nothing about makeup. It can give you a perfect look without forcing you to fall in love with makeup. You can stick to this list and can watch yourself getting ready like a makeup pro even if you don’t know anything about makeup at all. Read on and find out what’s missing in your vanity!

1. BB Cream


BB creams are such a savior for all the ladies out there who find it difficult to get the skin a base for makeup. There are so many options to choose from. We all know how tricky it is to work with foundations and concealers.

There are various tedious steps a BB cream saves you from, like:

• You don’t have to worry about complementing shades
• It gives your skin a dewy finish without much hard work
• You can get an even looking skin without applying layers
• It can be applied directly on your face skin

A good BB cream is a perfect pick for women who are new to the world of makeup or for all of us on the days when we feel too lazy to apply makeup!

2. Under-Eye Concealers

This is a must!! It is perfectly okay if you skip applying concealer on your skin but it is absolutely essential to have an under eye concealer. Do not underestimate its potential in making a face look flawless. There is no other way to cover those dark circles.

Bliss Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream saves you from the following:
• It gives your eyes the much needed fresh look
• It saves you from reflecting last night’s tiredness
• It is the easiest way to cover up signs of ageing
• A good under eye concealer gives the face an uplifted look

The most important thing about a good under eye concealer is that it makes you look a lot less than your age and cover up for freckles in the under eye area. It’s a win-win for women of every skin type.

3. Blush

Tinted cheeks are an indispensable part of makeup vanity. It is so for all right reasons! You know how contouring looks to women who know less about makeup? Rocket science! For most of the women, contouring may be the basic knowledge; but for women who are new to the makeup world feel very anxious about it. This is when a right amount of blush saves you!

When it comes to blushes, keep in mind the following points:
• Just use a little tint
• Never overdo a blush (if you want extra blushing cheeks, steal a quick kiss from your partner!)
• Choose a peachy tone for any skin colour
• Do not go for very bright blush colours for everyday use

4. Long-Lasting Lip Tint

There is not a day in your life when chapped, dry and pale lips are going to look good. Never. First, try to keep your lips soft by using a lip balm. You can even pick a medicated one if your lips go excessively dry. The easiest way to get that perfect look is to have a good lip colour. There is a common myth that you need to have multiple colours in your vanity. Not at all! Just a handful of some pretty shades can do wonders and give you an edge.

Some quick tips to deal with color confusion:
• Always have a red matte lip color handy
• Have some lip shades having warm tones
• A pigmented baby pink lip gloss or lipstick is an everyday must

5. Kohl

Tired eyes, big eyes, small eyes, fresh eyes – any type of eyes look defined with a hint of kohl. You can alter the quantity of kohl as per your face type or eye shape. A hint of kohl adds multitudes of femininity to your personality.

The benefits of having a kohl in your vanity are uncountable, I am listing a few here:
• A smudge-free kohl gives you a fresh and wide awake look to your eyes
• A thin line of kohl defines the shape of your eyes
• Kohl keeps the focus to your eyes and covers up for absence of grooming of other areas
 A smudge proof kohl pencil can be used as an eyeliner too – the benefit of two products in one
• Complements ethnic and western looks alike

So ladies, rock that anarkali or your chic little black dress with a quick lining of kohl!

6. Mineral Sunscreen

If you feel a layer of foundation is too much for you here is an effective alternative – use a mineral sunscreen. It is a product which effectively gives the much needed even tone to the face as well as protects it from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Following points can help you in choosing a perfect mineral sunscreen for yourself:
• Go for a lightly tinted sunscreen
• Keep a close watch on SPF levels
• Pick a good quality nourishing sunscreen
• Don’t go for shiny textures; pick the one with a matte finish, instead

7. Mascara

Eyelashes are undeniably the most attractive feature of a woman’s face. Long and curly eyelashes not only complete the perfect look but also ensure an undivided attention to your eyes. That is why using mascara is a must for you, especially when you are putting less makeup. Women opting for super simple and subtle makeup looks can make good use of a mascara.

But ladies, this makeup product demands attention to the following points while applying:
• Don’t make your lashes look laden with the product
• Always apply it in the direction inward to outward
• It is not compulsory to put it on lower lashes
• Take the right amount while applying to avoid the product from getting stuck between lashes

8. Brow Pencil

Eyebrow pencils are a blessing. For all the days when you skipped salon visit or got an unexpected call for an immediate business meeting or a surprise date, no matter what the occasion be, a brow pencil can save you from blunt fuzzy eyebrows. Shape them however you want with a complementing brow pencil.

The following points can definitely come in handy:
• Always pick the colour of brow pencil according to the colour of your brow hair
• Keep a close check on symmetry of both brows
• Be extra careful while doing edges

9. Eyeshadow Palette

This is one makeup product that most women don’t use to its maximum potential. While we are considering women who don’t know much about makeup, it becomes even more essential to let you all know more about it. If you think using eyeshadow is too much makeup – it is not. Your vanity has to have an eyeshadow palette of just the basic tones. If you don’t want to go dramatic with bright hues, no worries, stay in your comfort zone. Choose an eyeshadow palette that gives you shades of black, browns, white, golden, copper, bronze and silver. That is more than enough! Such a palette will make sure that you have the right amount of basic shades for a mild eye makeup or a smokey eye look.

10. Makeup Blender

Surprised? Even if we have all the essential makeup with us, it is just impossible to get a flawless look without an efficient makeup applicator. A perfect set of brushes, Q-tip, few makeup sponges and a beauty blender are a must-have. Even the best of products can look cakey or unevenly applied in the absence of applicators.

Take hints from these points:
• Always use a beauty blender while applying makeup products of creamy textures
• They are so helpful in absorbing excess product off the skin and help to give a well-blended natural look
• Use brushes while applying the products of powdery textures
• Use applicators to make sure only the required amount of product is there on your skin

So ladies, don’t worry if you don’t know anything about makeup. We’ve got your back! 

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