7 Reasons Why We Can't Get Enough of Matte Lipsticks (Hint: It's beyond just looks)

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We all have that one lipstick that is always in our beauty bag, whether it's a creamy lipstick you apply to instantly look sleek or that go-to lip gloss you reach for to have a high shine finish. But for us here, it's always a matte lipstick! Ever since we tried matte lip products, it was a game over for our years of lip gloss addiction. Our love for matte lipsticks goes beyond just looks.


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Over the years of using matte lip products, we discovered that it comes with a lot of benefits. It blends well with the lips. It stays for long hours.It gives elegance. But there’s more to that. Now take a look why we can’t get enough of matte lipsticks and why you should start wearing one today, too.


Long lasting

Unlike any lip gloss out there, matte lipsticks are long lasting. A one time application of matte lipstick for a day can be enough. They can stay for hours or even a day without the need of reapplication.

Perfect for summer

Did you just say summer? Uh-huh. We bet you’re excited as it’s just around the corner.

During summer days, lipsticks, most especially the glossy ones get removed easily because of the hot weather and sweating. Matte lip products can stay on your lips even after sweating. Plus, they never heat up the lips unlike our usual lipstick does.


We hate it when our lip gloss sticks to our clothes when it comes in contact with it, even worse on our expensive clothes. Yikes. But with matte lipstick, we never have to worry about it. Not that we loathe glossy lipsticks, of course they have their own charm but when they stick to our clothes, the charm is gone.

A go-to makeup

There are times that we are in a hurry and have no time to apply eyeliner or mascara. But wearing a matte lipstick alone and some foundation or loose powder, you’re done. Matte lipstick can simply do wonders especially in a busy world we live in.


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Matte lipstick does not spread and you don’t need to wipe it more frequently. It stays for the whole day so you don’t have to worry that it might smudge or what.

Defines the face

Why wear matte lipstick you ask? Because it suits every face, giving it more definition. Every matte lipstick color is unique and offers you a great lip and face definition.


There you go. Give matte lipstick a try today!


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