8 Best Summer Fragrances for Women This 2018

Summer is approaching and I know we’re all preparing for it. Hey, put away those jackets and bring out those sun dresses, shorts and tank tops! We’re changing our entire look this season so don’t you think we must as well have some signature fragrances for the summer season?

Look no further, here are 8 great women fragrances we highly recommend this summer.

1. Kate Moss Summer Time Eau De Toilette Spray

Kate Moss Summer Time Eau De Toilette Spray.


Come bask in the beauty of summer by wearing Kate Moss Summer Time designed by Kate Moss. This summery perfume will brighten your day, thanks to its exquisite note blends of English garden heart of bluebells and peony, blackberry and neroli, and an earthy musk blast at its base.

 2. Escada Turquoise Eau De Toilette

Escada Turquoise Eau De Toilette.


This fragrance is sunny and relaxing with floral notes and pineapple blended with vanilla, strawberry and other fruits. It is such a unique and wonderful aroma that produces a fragrance that will fill any room you enter.

 3. DKNY Summer by Donna Karan Energizing Eau De Toilette

DKNY Summer by Donna Karan Energizing Eau De Toilette.


This is a special edition for the Donna Karan Summer collection in 2011. Inspired by the city of New York's summer life style, this fruity floral scent is perfect for the hot summer days. Energize your passions with this modern urban scent that has long lasting charm.

 4. Very Irresistible Summer Vibrations Eau De Toilette Spray

Very Irresistible Summer Vibrations Eau De Toilette Spray.


Very Irresistible Summer Vibrations is a luscious and sensuous fragrance, designed to appease varying aroma preferences. You will be intrigued by the exotic and exhilarating notes of this fragrance.

 5. Summer Breeze by Ocean Pacific Perfume

Summer Breeze by Ocean Pacific Perfume.


This perfume has sunny tropical scents carried on the wind. It has a blend of floral accords and exotic fruit that will make you long for a beach getaway plus the promise of romance and fun. It has blends of mandarin and tropical fruit with top notes of blackberry cassis for a mouth-watering beginning.

 6. Pure Grace Endless Summer Perfume

Pure Grace Endless Summer Perfume.


Pure Grace Endless Summer is a new limited-edition fragrance brought to you by Philosophy. Their newest composition celebrates summer, the sultriest of all seasons. It has delicate layers of exotic pomelo, iced lychee, warm musk, a carefree sensibility and conjuring calm with a single spritz.

 7. Tommy Girl Eau De Toilette Spray

Tommy Girl Eau De Toilette Spray.


Introduced as a limited edition fragrance in the summer of 2002, Tommy Girl Summer is a floral, refreshing scent. This fragrance possesses a blend of peach, apple, rose, muguet, hyacinth, freesia, peony, and cedarwood.

 8. Green Tea Summer by Elizabeth Arden Perfume

Green Tea Summer by Elizabeth Arden Perfume.


A fruity floral for women, composed by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, this is a refreshing and vibrant fragrance. Top notes are black currant, bergamot, tangerine and lemon; middle notes are cyclamen, passionfruit, water lily, watermelon and rose; base notes are musk, oakmoss and white amber. 

Alright, there you have it — 8 best women fragrances that are perfect for the summer 2018! Do check them out, they’re available on the store, too. Grab your favorite for this summer!

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Love this! Thank you for these great recommendations.

NJ June 06, 2018

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