10 Summer Must Have for Every Fashion Girl



May just rolled in and we've been in such a summer frenzy—booking trips, working on an enviable beach bod, and generally setting aside our fashion mentalities from the previous season to make way for the sweltering humid days ahead. That said, every turn of the season calls for a shopping trip to update our wardrobes.

Trust us, our picks go waaay beyond this list, but for brevity’s sake we’ve narrowed it down to ten items. Without further ado, here are the top summer pieces that every fashion girl has to have.

1. Off shoulder Crop Top

      Off shoulders is a perfectly inoffensive way to show some skin. This are one of the stay cool styling trick. 

2. A nude Bag

      Maybe it's just summer's tendency to make us feel lazy, or that the heat just makes us generally averse to anything brightly-hued. Or maybe it’s because we fell in love with how Kendall Jenner carried the brown shoulder bag and the minute we saw it on every It Girls. Whatever reasons tan bag just capture our chill summer mood.

3. White Sneakers

    Girl's and Boys if you are currently on the hunt for a new pair of sneakers i would probably suggest for white! It just fit to all kinds of outfits. And a touch of summer.

4. Perfect Skin

    Summer's not the season to pile on heavy face paint. But if you aren’t blessed with genetically perfect skin, then there's no harm in achieving the next best thing: perfect-looking skin courtesy of light foundation. Just be sure to pick a lightweight formula to combat the stifling heat.

5.  Fedora Hat

   The sun is at its prime and its time bring out your stylish hats. it shields your face from UV rays. And of course it can instantly up the ante of your summer attire.

6.  Floral and Metallic Jewelries

    Look stylish with minimal effort by complementing your summer outfits with the season's hottest accessories. Since it's sexy and practical to bare more skin this season, you can instead draw attention to your best features with these flattering and functional pieces.

7. Man's printed Polo

    Gender bending made summer-appropriate. Instead of the requisite printed kimono, why not use your guy's summer shirt as a beach cover up? Its structured cut does wonders to flatter your body, and the unexpected boy-meets-girl styling will considerably make your otherwise girly bikini stand out.

8. Sandals that go with everything

    Flats are taking double the space in our list because really, aren't languid, easygoing summers the best reason you have all year for giving your heels a rest? A dainty pair of sandals match any summer ensemble with ease, and even if you're not the feminine type, the pair goes just as well with a boxy top and culottes.

9. Nude nails

     Matte Nude nails looks effortlessly chic.

10.  Oversized Sunglasses

      The sky is blue and the sun is high! Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to add oomph to any summer outfit (not to mention the fact that it protects your pretty peepers from the harsh rays of the sun). 


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