Formal Winter Wedding, What to Wear?

Weddings happen any time of the year. You are invited to a formal winter wedding, what would you wear? Dressing for winter is a challenge, right? Well, you must wear something that will keep you warm at the same time give you that professional and beautiful look.

You can never go wrong with a Women One Shoulder Diamantes Long Evening Dress. It comes in different colors and sizes from 4-16. Since it is full length, you have the option to wear flat shoes so you can dance all evening with no issues. Or you may opt to pair that with one of our shoe collection Black Faux Fur Pom Ankle Strap Stiletto Heel.

You may also want to wear traditional dresses like the Stand-Up Collar ¾ Sleeve Slim Fit Belted Pencil Dress with Epaulettes. It is made of polyester. There is a kind of insulation that is built into the polyester fiber. Air is trapped inside the fiber, which is then warmed by the heat of the body. This keeps the body warm in cold weather.

Match this dress with a Dinara Studded Heart Ankle Boot which helps protect your feet from the cold and because it’s open toes it gives your toes room to move around at the same time.

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