Keep Up with the Heat

Are you ready? Trends come and go yet the sun is persistent. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a slice of poise and a shot at a slow-motion run on the beach. Be trendy and get armed with skin care all at the same time!

Colors explode this season, from crimson to lavender to grass green. It is a case of mix and match, with endless choices for everyone – time to let go of the inhibitions.

Shades of yellow will define the season for the fairer sex. The cheery shade beckons everyone to try it. There are choices for the lightest skin tone to the darkest: chiffon, lemon, cream, and especially khaki.

As for the guys, rich purple and rosy pink suits and blazers rise above all. It might seem like a bold choice for menswear but isn't that what summer is all about? Meanwhile, stripes of different types have come back. Beachside stripes are the most perfect for the season. In any case, banker stripes also fit for the season, or maybe you would prefer a head-to-toe graphic stripe ensemble.

Variation is the name of the game for men's stripes that should range from wide to narrow. To keep up with the color explosion, menswear stripes need to be pastel (mis)matched with darker colors. Floral patterns are also just as huge for the dresses while squares (checkers!) redefine the prince's wardrobe.

But below those stylish clothes, flaunt your body more with hip swimwear, highlighting those curves and that striking skin of yours.Ladies, parade that body with the stylish Brazilian Bikinis.

Brazilian Bikini Sexy Swimsuit.

With its sultry lure, a typical Brazilan Bikini shows off a “naughtier” you as it includes a bottom that is narrower in the back than other bottoms out there. The style range from string and caged to hipster-boyshort cut, and the designs embrace a variety of colors and prints so there is an endless array of choices where you can suffice your wants and still keep up with the beachside breeze. Or, you may as well consider a slow-motion run at the beach with High-waisted Bikinis.                                        Plus Size Retro Push up High Waisted Bikini Set


This style from the 60s is an essential bikini bottom as it flaunts your curves yet keeps some ‘flaws’ concealed. However, there’s no stopping you to taking Monokinis. Nonetheless, remember that the secret for the best swimsuit is choosing the best size for you.

Certainly, sun's out to destroy you. That means hydration is a key word. Yet, worry no more because everything you need to keep that skin of yours shining amidst the harsh sun is just a click away. Keep ready with Clinique All About Lips to treat those delicate lips.

Clinique All About Lips

Of course, apply Shiseido Future Solution LX Daytime Protective Cream to protect the skin at all costs.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Daytime Protective Cream SPF15 PA+

You may also take two baths a day, or three, or four; it doesn't matter. All you need is to feel fresh and Clarins Tonic Shower Bath Concentrate got you all covered.

Clarins Tonic Shower Bath Concentrate

Be the best of friends with H2O: the eight glasses a day still apply. It's just one rule: Always remember the h-word.

The season is just around the corner. Say hello to the sun and still rock the heat with the Baywatch-ready you!

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