New Year New Style

Planning a new look for 2017? Pulse Designer Fashion has you covered with our awesome collection of products on sale.

The year 2016 was rather interesting, to say the least. With its many ups and downs, one can say it was a ride wilder than many expected. This year, we help you put your best foot (and look) forward by giving you a range of discounted products.

Check out some of our favorites:

1. Wet n Wavy Curl Moist Conditioner

Nourish your curls and keep them looking amazing with this great product. Filled with triple proteins and patented shine enhancers, this conditioner reduces frizz by a stellar 95%. It moisturizes every strand of your hair, enhancing control and definition of your curls. Get them for $3.74 instead of $5.20.

2. Long Weed Socks 

Unleash your daring and adventurous side with these exciting socks. They are made from the best-quality materials and are designed for maximum comfort. Their colorful, weed-inspired motif is sure to add a unique twist to any outfit you pair them with. Own them at a whopping 40% discount.

3. Ring Type Scarf with Circle Cable Design

You simply can’t go wrong with a scarf. Not only are they highly functional during winter especially, they can also add a sophisticated touch to virtually any attire. Get this ring type scarf for $12 instead of $18, available in two beautiful colors.

4. 18k Rose Gold Plated Made with Genuine Austrian Crystals

You can never be drab when you’re wearing the right jewelry. This exquisite piece is subtle but elegant, perfect for someone who wants to shine without trying. Be a marvel with this rose gold ring centered with authentic Austrian crystals, yours at $4 from $14.99.

5. Tiger Eyed Buddha Bracelet with Natural Stone

Aiming for a different look this year? Try these bracelets made from natural stone. Pair them with the right outfit and change your look to something elegant or something exotic. They also come in a wide range of colors, so the possibilities are definitely endless. Get them for $6 instead of $10.

Don’t let anything stop you from looking good this year. Grab these products while supplies last.

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