Women crying are common but men crying are rather out of the blue, out of ordinary. Remember the time when you saw your father cry? How did you feel? It is awkward, is it not? That’s because society has prohibited men from becoming emotional, and because society believed men crying are unusual. They don’t show it but fathers feel, as well. It is unusual but certainly not improper for them to open up. 

What better way to thank Dad than to make him feel remembered? His day is just several nights away!

I don’t know about you, but perfect Father’s Day gifts being hard to find is just the given. Some people even overthink about what they will get for him. Although it is enticing and even easier for you to just go to the nearest sports shop and get him the latest gym equipment, take the gray hairs he already has and the first lines to wrinkles he is developing as signs for you to switch gears.

Get ready and up your love for your King who brought you up, Warrior who fought battles to win your war, and your Friend who stayed, and will always stay by your side. Indeed, to have a man, as him, with dignity and honesty is much better than to stay with a man of just charm. But keeping Dad charming means no less than a “Thank You!” for everything! And that is what he deserves!

With the brisk advent and departure of technological advances, standards of success, and lifestyles, don't you think the time you spend with him have been limited dramatically? Indeed, intimacy is becoming more and more virtual. Thus, what you need is to have him feel the warmth of a hug once again and the tenderness of a quality bond. So, clothe him to the hippest father as he can be and clear your schedule and label it “For Dad”.

Take the trouble out of shopping with just a click to our array of Father-worthy gifts! We got in stock some of the best complementary gifts to celebrate the most important man in your life this Father’s Day – from shirts and long sleeves to jeans to shoes and much more. Wait no more and get him all ready for a special family date.

Genuinely modern means to up both his casual look and his smarter ensembles is experimenting on Denim shirts. What is more is that there are endless combinations of shades, colors, and styles where he can round up and experiment.

If you’re looking to wow your family with his look or simply want to style things up, then don’t be afraid of letting him throw on double denim. Among the many options for wearing a jean shirt, this one could be the trickiest and hardest to pull off. But when done correctly, this could be the most fashionable and stylish outfit he could ever put on. Go for similar shades to create a unique, unified look, or ease in with a less striking combination with contrasting tones such as combining his light-colored Denim shirt with Straight Fit Stonewashed Jeans.

On the other hand, you might think that denim isn’t the number one choice for formal wear. However, there’s something you could do to smarten it up a little with the right pieces. Let him try out his usual combination of suit and tie combination but replace his classic long sleeves with a long denim shirt instead, a slim-fit with a cutaway collar. Plus, don't let Dad be a victim of the dreaded dad shoe syndrome. You could just entirely take it up a notch by giving him any of our Versace Shoes Collection that certainly gets him all covered for any style, any look he fancies. For instance,Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo Srl Milano Italia Mens Lace Up Shoe would work wonders on his formal glamor.

Next, you may want to keep him looking relaxed. To flaunt him in a casual and hip gentlemanly aura, layer his Classic Men's Denim Shirt over a simple white tee. Be sure to keep the shirt buttons undone to ensure nothing looks too stiff or restricted. Or, you may choose for him to wear a Men Denim Long-Sleeve Casual Shirt then couple it with a pair of beige or stone chinos. Finish off his look by going through a variety of choices on footwear – from Breathable Canvas Lace Up Loafers to Genuine Leather Comfortable Ankle Winter Boots.

Of course, accentuate and really heighten his masculinity with MICHAEL JORDAN by Michael Jordan Cologne Spray. Get your mother entranced by him all over again by giving him this refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. And just when his allure is too much, pity yourself and let him throw on the Polarized Retro Sunglasses.

These sunglasses will serve and protect with glare-blocking polarized lenses and a versatile fit.

But then, this is not the end of the gift. All of these are just complementary. Who says you cannot sweep a man off his feet? Take him out to a special date and spend time with him. Taking things slow, and appreciating every second you spend with him is not only a gift you can give him but also a gift to yourself! That is what he deserves!

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