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Wet -N- Wavy Activator Gel 10.5 oz

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Wet and Wavy Polishing Activator Gel 10.5oz


Wet-n-Wavy Hair Polishing Gel Padlocks Your Curls Without Heavy Buildup

Ok, so you've finally got the hairstyle you want, but how do you keep it in place for hours on end and the compliments coming? Wet-n-Wavy Hair Polishing Activator Gel will do the trick in a jiffy!

Just a dollop instantly works your hair into lustrous, soft curls and KEEPS them in place—without all that chalky, sticky gunk you get from other styling gels. Plus, you'll get a healthy sheen that accents your natural waves. They'll wonder where your growing hair ends and your hair system begins!

This stuff is great because it:

  • Adds silky, lustrous shine without a greasy buildup
  • Defines wave patterns on natural hair and hair systems
  • Eliminates dry, split ends


Tech Specs

Bottle Size 10.5oz (311ml)
Hair Type Human
Hold Strength Medium
Product Type Gel
Shelf Size (Dimensions) 3.5"x3"
UV Protection No


Apply a generous amount from scalp to ends of hair massage in thoroughly, scrunch and/or comb into desired style.


Water, Glycerin, Carborner 940, Dimeticona Copoliol, Triethanolamine, DMDM Hydantiona, Metil Parabel, Fragrance.

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